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St. Paul Baptist Church
"A Worshipping Place Shining In The Light Of The Holy Trinity And Dedicated To People Of All Walks Of Life."
(225) 454-3308

6536 Bueche Road
Bueche, LA, 70729
United States of America

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St. Paul is a dwelling place of faith and for family. At St. Paul you are family and there is always room for family. Our church operates under the Triune authority of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. We are framed by faith, guided by grace, governed by the Gospel and led by The Lord.
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Year Established:
God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Church, Evangelism, Ministry, Anointing, Baptism, Faith, Forgiveness, Grace, Hope, Love, Mercy, Prayer, Praise, Outreach, Redemption, Salvation, Truth, Victory.
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